Introduction to Freedom Metal

What is Freedom Metal?

Freedom Metal enables portable, bare-metal application development for all of SiFive’s RISC-V IP, FPGA evaluation targets, and development boards.

Freedom Metal provides:
  • A bare-metal C application environment

  • An API for controlling CPU features and peripherals

  • The ability to retarget to any SiFive RISC-V product

This makes Freedom Metal suitable for:
  • Writing portable hardware tests

  • Bootstrapping bare metal application development

  • A RISC-V hardware abstraction layer

  • And more!

How Do I Use Freedom Metal?

The best way to get started writing applications with Freedom Metal is to use the SiFive Freedom E SDK which bundles the build scripts and configuration necessary to use Freedom Metal with SiFive’s standard evaluation products.

If you prefer working with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), SiFive Freedom Studio comes packaged with a prebuilt toolchain and the same Freedom Metal examples from Freedom E SDK.